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Oyster dish and the setting sun. Amanohashidate that is popular destination for tourist Kongo-ji Temple and Autumn tint.
Matsuba Crab or Taiza Crab. Tango Kimono. Hot Spring.
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A local brand of Sake.
A Journey of the Kingdom of Tango.
The Legends of the Seven Princesses in Tango.

Tango Tourism
Information Center.
(inside KTR AmanoHashidate Station)

Tango Area Tourism Campaign Council Office.
(Kyoto Prefecture Tango Regional Promotion Office, Commerce, Industry, Labor and Tourism Division.
The regular holiday is Saturday,Sunday and public holiday.)
Enjoy the nature of Japan in one of its three most scenic spots-Amano Hashidate and the Kotobikihama Beach, which is known for its "singing sands", Its over twenty seabathing spots, and more. From fairy tales to true tragic tales, there are many legends here as well as facilities based upon them. All throughout Tango, there are stately shrines and temples that give all those who visit a sense of serenity. The ancient temples that have been there from as long as 1,600 years ago express the romance of ancient Tango. The hot springs that can be found from the eastern end to the western end revive the weary traveler and refresh both the mind and body. Fresh Tango delicacies from the seas and the mountalns can be enjoyed during all four seasons.

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Surround yourself in Tango's tranquil nature spots with the nostalgic scenery and beautiful views.



Ine no
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Come and see the ancient traditions and rich history that have remained in Tango for ages.


Former Mikami
Family Residence

Tango Chirimen
History Museum
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Tango is filled with blessings from the seas and mountains. Enjoy these dishes to your heart's content.

Mixed Sushi

Matsuba Snow Crab

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Tango is famous for its hot springs.Here,you will
find relaxation for both your body and soul.

Amanohasidate Onsen-Chie no Yu

Ukawa Onsen-Yoshino no Sato

Kurhaus Iwataki
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