Kotohikihama (Kakezu) Beach

Kotohikihama (Kakezu) Beach 1
Kotohikihama (Kakezu) Beach 2
Kotohikihama (Kakezu) Beach 1 thum
Kotohikihama (Kakezu) Beach 2 thum

Kotobikihama Beach, located in Amino-cho, is a 1.8km-long beach famous for its "singing sands," due to the high quartz content of the sand. It is the world's first non-smoking beach, and those who protect the beach help with environmental conservation throughout the region. The beach is just stunning. The seawater is also well-known for how transparent it is.
■ Parking lot / (approximately 600)
■ Parking fee / 1,000 yen per day
■ Shower / Yes ■ Toilet / Yes
■ Dressing room / Yes ■ beach hut / yes
■ BBQ site usage fee / 1,000 yen in designated area
■ beach season: July 6th to August 25th