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COVID-19 update: Japan’s country-wide state of emergency has been extended to May 31st. It is requested that all unnecessary travel be suspended until that time.

We have also provided a couple links to guidelines and prevention for the hospitality industry as outlined by the WHO, AHLA (American Hotel and Lodging Association), and U.S. Travel Association (using CDC guidelines). Kyoto by the Sea DMO is using the following materials to provide guidance for a smooth reopening of the travel industry in our area:

A MESSAGE TO OUR FRIENDS AND VISITORS: We appreciate everyone’s continued interest in and support of Kyoto by the Sea. To help slow the spread of COVID-19, we are asking everyone to monitor their health, stay hydrated, and of course stay positive!

Our region has one of the highest densities of elderly people worldwide, and it is our highest priority to protect those most vulnerable. So for the foreseeable future we request that you visit our area virtually. Welcome to the Virtual Sea; surf all you like.

Kyoto has a sea? japan map

You have found the Origin of Japan

Kyoto by the Sea is called the 'origin of Japan' because it is believed to
be Japan's first ancient kingdom, where people first settled after crossing
the sea from the Asian continent. This is Kyoto’s northern tip, perched on
the Japanese Sea, just 90 minutes from Kyoto City.

This area is a mecca of wellness and life longevity, award winning sake
breweries, high-quality seafood, beaches, and a variety of UNESCO rated
spots that include pristine bays and a global geopark.

Kyoto has a sea? japan map