Mt. Himurogadake (sacred power spot)

Mt. Himurogadake (sacred power spot) 1
Mt. Himurogadake (sacred power spot) 1 thum

Though Japan is more than 60% forests, a majority of them have been explored. But there is one forested mountain in Fukuchiyama that has not only remained unexplored since ancient times, it has been prohibited to set foot on the mountain. It’s called Mt. Himurogadake, and perhaps the reason why people have been hesitant to tread on it is because they believe it’s sacred. Some people refer to it as one of Japan’s pyramids (because of its nearly perfect triangular shape), and there are select few of these pyramids scattered throughout Japan that people believe date back over thousands of years. The pyramids were central to the Jomon people who used these megaliths to worship the sun. Among the pyramids of Japan, this one is quite special and was named the most beautiful by Sakai Katsutoki, pyramid researcher and author.

On the day of the summer solstice, the sun goes down over the highest point of the mountain. This coincidence is so incredible that many don’t believe that it is mere chance, and so the area is designated as a power spot. On the trail that passes in front of the mountain, a spiritual spot has been erected, and you can see the sun appear over the mountain and commune your energy with nature. If you are lucky enough to be in the area on the summer solstice, you are in for an unbelievably spiritual experience.

access: this power spot can be accessed via the Moto-Ise Naiku Kotai Shrine
address: 217 Naiku, Oe-cho, Fukuchiyama City
TEL: 0773-56-1011