Amanohashidate Shrine

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This shrine rests in the center of Amanohashidate, a naturally occurring land bridge that cuts across two salt water bays. It is a popular spot for couples and families out walking the Amanohashidate land bridge or going to the white sand beaches in the summer.
Amanohashidate is known for having different dragon legends, and at this shrine the eight great dragon kings are enshrined. Right next to the shrine is the purifying font, which is actually one of Japan's 100 famous water sources. This water is mysterious as it is a naturally occurring freshwater spring, although on both sides are salt water bays. Although it is a freshwater spring, it is not recommended to drink from the font.

address: Kyoto, Miyazu City, Monju Amanohashidate Park
hours: always open
About 15 minutes on foot from Amanohashidate Station