Inaba Honke Historic House

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Inaba Honke is located in the town of Kumihama in Kyotango City, very close to Kumihama Bay. The residence belonged to a wealthy merchant family that ran a shipping business during the Edo era. They became wealthy thanks to coastal trade and the building is preserved for visitors to tour and walk around. There are also activities in the building: incense making and pottery making. The building has a cafe / restaurant in the back of the property. The restaurant specializes in local specialties, "Botamochi," a type of mochi, and Tango barazushi (a lasagna-style layered rice dish with different toppings like grilled mackerel crumbles.

TEL: 0772-82-2356
address: 3102 Kumihama, Kyotango City, Kyoto Prefecture
hours: 9: 00-16: 00
closed: Wednesday
admisison: free
access: from Kumihama Station ⇒ About 10 minutes on foot