Kotohira Shrine

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The prosperity of Tango chirimen (high-quality textured silk produced in this region) supported the financing of this shrine. It was built by the Kyogoku family, the lords of the Mineyama clan during feudal Japan. The shrine has a vast precinct with many shrines built on the grounds thanks to the success of chirimen, and there is a gorgeous wooden plaque from the Meiji era that depicts a grand festival procession. The festival still takes place today. Kishima Shrine (located at Kotohira Shrine), which enshrines the goddess of sericulture, was founded by thread merchants and silk cultivators who supplied raw silk (a raw material for chirimen). In dedication, rare stone guardian cats watch over this shrine, as cats exterminate the enemies of sericulture, mice. The shrine also serves as tribute to those whose work has helped preserve this traditional culture.

address: 1165-2 Izumi, Mineyama, Kyotango City, Kyoto Prefecture