Tateiwa (volcanic rock with folklore)

Tateiwa (volcanic rock with folklore) 1
Tateiwa (volcanic rock with folklore) 2
Tateiwa (volcanic rock with folklore) 1 thum
Tateiwa (volcanic rock with folklore) 2 thum

Tateiwa is a rare geological formation made up of columnar basalt rock that also houses a legend. The Imperial Prince Maro trapped an oni (Japanese demon/ogre mythical being) within the boulder, and it is said that when the waves are high, one can hear the oni crying out. Tateiwa also presides over where the Takeno River opens up to the Japanese Sea. The formation of the beach around its base is ever-changing with the tides and river's swell. A footbridge that crosses the river offers a unique perspective of this basalt formation. The beaches on either side of the rock are another great way to take in this ancient scenery. A nearby roadside station offers local products. There is also camping, an onsen, and restaurants within walking distance.

address: Tangocho taiza, Kyotango-shi, Kyoto