Tateiwa・Nochigahama Beach

Tateiwa・Nochigahama Beach 1
Tateiwa・Nochigahama Beach 2
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Tateiwa Beach / Nochigahama Beach are most notable because of “Tateiwa” a 20-meter high, rare volcanic basalt formation. It is one of the iconic landmarks of the entire Kyotango area, and is especially beautiful in summer with the sea shining around it. The rock formation happens to reside at the mouth of the Takeno River as well, making it the exact spot where the sea meets the inland. There is a bridge that spans the river right in front of Tateiwa, as well as camping, a roadside station, day-trip hot springs, accommodations, and restaurants all within walking distance.
■ Parking lot / (about 100)   ■ Parking fee / 1,000 yen per day
■ Shower / Yes  ■ Toilet / Yes   ■ Dressing room / Yes
■ beach hut / no ■ BBQ site fee / ー
■ Beach season: July 6th to August 18th