Sodeshi Rice Terraces

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For a country covered in rice fields, even citizens visit the Sodeshi rice terraces. They have been cut into the mountains that stretch along the sea and have been constructed in an array of alluvial fans and other shapes and overlook the emerald waters of the Japanese Sea. Many of these rice paddies are still planted by hand, and there are planting and harvesting festivals for visitors who want to try their hand at traditional Japanese agriculture. It may be hard to get any work done with such a distracting view. During harvest time, wooden drying racks are erected so the cut rice can dry in the autumn sun.

TEL: 090-5881-1634 (office)
address: 1376, Tango-cho, sodeshi, Kyotango-shi, Kyoto
access: by car: about 50 minutes from Amino train station
by bus: from the Tantestsu line's "Amino" station, take the Tankai bus and get off at "Sodeshi." From there its about a 10 minute walk.