Oeyama Mountain Range

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This range runs through the Kyoto by the Sea region, with a few of the peaks offering sea views. The mountains can be accessed via the town of Yosano or Fukuchiyama City, both of which have parking lots at the base of the trails systems. The tallest peak, Senjogatake, is 832m high with a demon shrine and demon cave at it's base. This mountain range is home to one of the most famous oni (demon/ogre) legends in Japan, and as such, there is an Oni Museum at the base of the mountain road accessible on the Fukuchiyama side.

The Fukuchiyama Oni Museum is located next to the Green Lodge accommodations and restaurant. The hiking trail begins at Oeyama Onitake Inari Shrine.
From the Yosano side, there are two campgrounds that have hiking trails on the Oeyama mountain range, Ikeganaru Camping Ground, and Kayasobo Park.