Sea of Clouds, fall (Fukuchiyama)

Sea of Clouds, fall (Fukuchiyama) 1
Sea of Clouds, fall (Fukuchiyama) 2
Sea of Clouds, fall (Fukuchiyama) 1 thum
Sea of Clouds, fall (Fukuchiyama) 2 thum

The Oeyama mountain range is an amazing place to witness the rare phenomena called the "sea of clouds." Those who can rouse themselves early in the morning on a fall day can make their way up to Onidake "demon-peak" Inari Shrine and see the mist cover all but the tops of the surrounding mountains, making the area appear as if the mountains are floating high up in the sky. You will watch the sunrise, perhaps take with you a specially made bento-box breakfast from Green Lodge, accommodations at the base of the mountain road. After the sea settles in, visitors can take to the adjacent hiking trail that will bring you up to the highest peak of the Oeyama Range.

address: 〒620-0327 Fukuchiyama, Oeyama-cho, Kitahara
October 1st: sunrise 5:54am. sunset 5:44pm.
November 1st: sunrise 6:21am. sunset: 5:05pm)