Tango Kingdom (Kyotango)

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Tango Kingdom offers so much to see and do that it rivals a theme park. For families, this place is a must see, as there is a small zoo, go-carts, bicycles, segue-rentals, horse riding, a huge grass slide, farm, shops, and seasonal activities like water slides and pools. On the lawn, the venue hosts concerts, dance performances, food festivals, craft beer festivals, and has even hosted a world class BMX exhibition, building a multi-story ramp in the center of the lawn. There are quite a few restaurants to choose from, and shops that sell all manner of local foods, drinks, and crafts. There is a hotel on the property. There are hiking trails with signs explaining the local flora and fauna nearby. There is a vineyard. And Tango Kingdom also brews their own beers; seven varieties in fact, three of which have won international awards for excellence.

If you are in Kyotango, it is definitely worth checking out what events Tango Kingdom is hosting while you are visiting. They are always well organized and entertaining.

If you come in the evening, you will be treated to paths and archways that are illuminated with more than 800,000 lights. Its a romantic place for a walk, and an equally fun evening excursion for families.

TEL: 0772-65-4567
address: 123, Yasakacho tottori, Kyotango-shi, Kyoto
hours: December 1st to March 14th: (winter season)10:00-21:00
※Three days are 10:00-17:00 for New Year holidays
closed: On Tuesday (we do business on January 3)