Ankokuji Temple

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Ankokuji Temple is a historic temple founded by Takashi Ashikaga, the first general of the Muromachi Shogunate in the mid-14th century. It is said that this temple was Takashi's birthplace, and right next to the temple grounds there is also a well where baths were taken and a grave for Takashi and his mother, Kiyoko Uesugi.
The main hall holds many important national cultural properties such as the Buddha of Shakyamuni. The temple itself is a valuable cultural heritage site that conveys the history of Ayabe. During autumn, the grounds are colored with fall foliage. The Ankokuji Momiji Festival is held every year in the middle of November.

TEL: 0773-44-1565
address: 1 Anobu-shi, Ankokuji-cho
admission: temple grounds are free. for those entering the temple, donation payments are welcome
access: [Bus] From JR Ayabe Station, get off at Aya Bus Kuroya Line "Angokuji mae Bus Stop" and walk for 2 minutes
[Car] Get off at Ayabe Ankokuji IC on the Kyoto Transit Expressway and cross the JR Maizuru Line crossing to the west.