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Omoto is a religious institution that welcomes people of all faiths. It was founded in Ayabe in 1892. This institution is in the center of Ayabe in the Hongusan area and has a variety of beautiful buildings on the grounds. At Omoto Headquarters, monthly festivals are held (first Sunday of every month), as well as special events like the Setsubun festivals, spring and autumn festivals, Shinto wedding ceremonies, as well as and prayer services for healing illnesses and anxiety
"Choseiden" (the large main building) was built in 1992 and is said to be the largest wooden structure of the 20th century. In addition, the vast garden is full of seasonal flowers, and the autumn leaves are especially beautiful.

TEL: 0773-42-0187
address: 1-1 Motomiyacho, Ayabe City
admission: free
access: [Train] 15 minutes' walk southeast from JR Ayabe Station