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[Travel] Train from Kyoto Station (9:24) to Ayabe Station (10:30). Get picked up at the station by the proprietor.
TEMPLE STAY: Nachisan Shorekiji Temple
•Monk and chef, Tamagawa-san prepares a multi-course meal using local ingredients
(both veg and non-veg)
•activities: calligraphy, guided meditation in a bamboo forest or maple tree grove, “nezen” sleep-meditation under a 600 year-old temple tree, sea kayaking, or a forest hike are all available.
•The temple is close to the town center, where there are a number of delicious and healthy restaurants.

• Many of the farm stays in the region not only grow their own vegetables and fruit, but also have their own rice paddies. These offer visitors seasonal opportunities to plant/harvest rice by hand, as the Japanese have done for centuries.
•Experience the traditional ways of Japanese rural life with different farm activities, and cooking together.
•The peacefulness and calm that comes with staying in nature cannot be understated. It is therapeutic to be at one with nature and the environment, and to also take part in farming activities or have a meal that has been produced with little to no food mileage.

• Onsen, natural hot springs with healing properties
• Temple, Niomon Gate (1248), and hiking trails
• Forest: a forest floor of oriental paper bush (march/april), followed by blooming wild irises (april/may). (spring season)

Day 2 in Amanohashidate: GENMYOAN JAPANESE INN STAY
[travel] Train from Ayabe Station (10:31) to Amanohashidate Station (11:30).
Drop off luggage at Japanese inn, Genmyoan and have reception tea before embarking for Nariaiji Temple.

•Genmyoan is situated 70m above Amanohashidate, with private baths and meals prepared by head chef, Iwaki Naoki.
•Pilgrimage Walk from Genmyoan to Nariaiji Temple. Enjoy the Journey
The Routes
The Fastest Path to Enlightenment 25 minutes
(one way) Taxi from Genmyoan to Nariaiji (and back)
*there is still plenty to explore at Nariaiji on foot!

The Wanderer’s Route 50-80min
(one way) Walk to Amanohashidate and rent a bicycle across the land bridge,
or take a boat across. Short walk to the Kasamatsu cable car/lift that runs to
Kasamatsu Park. From the park it’s a 1.4km uphill walk or 7minute mountain
temple bus ride.

The Pilgrim’s Way 90-100 minutes
(one way) Walk from Genmyoan, across Amanohashidate’s pine path to the
Kasamatsu cable lift. Take the lift and walk the last 1.4km uphill to reach Nariaiji
Temple. (about 5.5km one way)
*Mix it up for the return journey back to Genmyoan

Upon returning to Genmyoan, soak in the baths to reflect on your journey. Then partake in guided meditation or ikebana (art of flower arrangement) in the common area to open your mind to the possibility of a multi-course, traditional Japanese dinner.

Day 3
In the morning before breakfast, there is beach yoga at Amanohashidate. Come back and take one last soak before a late breakfast and departure, JR Hashidate Amanohashidate Station (10:00) to Kyoto Station (12:07).