Kumihama SANKAIKAN Roadside Station

Kumihama SANKAIKAN Roadside Station 1
Kumihama SANKAIKAN Roadside Station 1 thum

Large shop where you can buy Kyoto by the Sea agricultural products

Located in an area overlooking Kumihama Bay, Kumihama SANKAIKAN sells a variety of products centered around locally produced fruits and fresh vegetables. The onsite restaurant also offers a lunch buffet with seasonal vegetables every day.

<Seasonal recommendations>
Fruits (melons, watermelons, peaches, grapes, pears, etc.)
Vegetables (sweet potatoes, radish, Chinese cabbage, onions, green onions, Manganji peppers, spinach, tomatoes, beans, etc.)

TEL: 0772-83-2000
address: 1709 Uraaki, Kumihama-cho, Kyotango-shi
hours: 08: 00-17: 00 all year round
closed: no scheduled closings