Ama Terrace Restaurant (Miyazu)

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*KYOTO BY THE SEAson: cuisine, "seasonal fare" participating restaurant

Ama Terrace sits atop Kasamatsu Park, at the top of the chair lift/cable car ride overlooking the natural landbridge of Amanohashidate (one of Japan's Three Scenic Views).
The restaurant specializes in seafood rice bowls but offers a variety of options sure to please tastes of all kinds (including children).

note: there are a limited number of seafood rice bowls per day.

TEL: 0772-27-1015
address: 19, Ogaki, Miyazu-shi, Kyoto Kasamatsu Park
hours: 10:00~15:30
open everyday
specials: "seafood of the day" seafood rice bowl 1,800 yen (reservation/unnecessary)