uRashiMa Pizza (Kyotango)

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uRashiMa Pizza is run by a chef who trained in Italy. He brought back with him accolades, immense skill, and a wood-fired pizza oven made in Napoli. He's not only skilled at making a variety of authentic Italian pizzas (the pizza list is expansive), but he cooks Italian dishes as well. The uniqueness of the restaurant is highlighted by the fact that many of the ingredients and seafood are locally sourced, but distinctly Italian inspired.

Come to uRashiMa Pizza for a true Italian dining experience, or even just for an espresso and dessert.

The restaurant also offers take out.

TEL: 0772-72-3798
address: 328-5 Asamogawa, Aminocho, Kyotango 629-3104, Kyoto
hours: 11:30am - 7:00 pm
closed: Thursdays