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Despite the small number of ships able to navigate and fish this ultra-deep-sea location on the Sea of Japan, the Taiza crab is renowned throughout Japan for its superior taste. It can fetch 50,000-60,000 yen per crab in cities like Tokyo. The reason for this crab’s fame is the size and subtly sweet flavor of the meat.

The crabs are special in part because they are caught at deep depths on often turbulent winter seas. Because of the uneven underwater shelf, only smaller fishing vessels are capable of catching these crabs. This is only possible because of the region’s geopark, with its unique geological make-up and deep ocean shelves that form not too far offshore.

Many Japanese people say they want to try Taiza Crab once in their life. So every winter season starting in November, people flock to the coast for this once in a lifetime dining experience. Though the crab is sold in many of Japan’s top restaurants, it is in the Kyoto by the Sea region where chefs have perfected using the crab in their cuisine, offering a multitude of different courses that feature and bring out the natural flavors of the crab.