Onojin Soy Sauce Brewery (Kyotango)

Onojin Soy Sauce Brewery (Kyotango) 1
Onojin Soy Sauce Brewery (Kyotango) 1 thum

Onojin Brewery produces handmade soy sauce and miso that employs long-term fermentation and aging. Most commercial soy sauce breweries use modern machines to ferment and produce batches of soy sauce in just a few months. Onojin's brand can take up to three years for their top-quality soy sauce.

The brewery makes a range of products, each with distinct flavor profiles. For soy sauce, they have products that have been aged for one, two, and three years. They also make excellent miso. Each variety of miso they have aged has its own signature taste.

The brewery offers tours and tastings of both their soy sauces and different miso varieties. You can compare the differences and learn about the aging process, and possibly make miso or soy sauce yourself after hearing about the process. But for those who don't want to make their own, the factory also has a shop where they sell a wide range of their products, as well as some other locally made food specialties.