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This restaurant is committed to fresh local seafood and is a member of the KYOTO BY THE SEAson: cuisine, "seasonal fare" cooperative.

Offers locally sourced high-quality squid (swordtip squid and bigfin reef squid) that vary by the season. These are high-quality squid with a sweet taste that are very popular in the Tango region. Yoshinoya serves a popular rice bowl using these seasonal, local squid. The rice bowl is topped with a raw egg (which are of excellent quality and safe to eat raw in Japan), which also heightens the flavors. We also recommend trying the squid legs, sushi, and crab we have on offer seasonally. As most of our ingredients and seafood are locally sourced and seasonal, reservations are necessary to ensure your satisfaction.

TEL: 0772-27-0125
Address:48 Ogaki, Miyazu, Kyoto 629-2242
hours: 8:00~17:00
closed: NA
Local squid "Jeweled" rice bowl large serving 2,000yen (tax included) ※standard serving is 1,800 yen(tax included)(reservation necessary)Rice bowl topped with plenty of seasonal bigfin reef squid.

Bigfin reef squid steak 1,600 yen *Reservation required
The bigfin reef squid steak is grilled fresh on the spot before serving.
parking:12 spots