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The terroir of sake. Sake prepared with water and rice from Yosano.

Since it was founded in 1887, the underground water of the Oeyama Mountain Range, which is behind the sake brewery, has been used as the water source. The sake made at Yosamusume is gentle and easy to drink, due in part to the pure and soft water. This brewery has passed down brewing techniques through six generations now, with new sake always being created (now with a lineup of thirty types).
The focus of Yosamusume is to make “sake unique to this area”, where local ingredients, people, and climate are blended. The sake incorporates specially cultivated Yamada Nishiki rice grown in Yosano, collaborations with local farmers to make sparkling sake using fruit juices made from locally produced pears and apples. Adapting to changing tastes and environments, Yosamusume continues to produce fresh, delicious sake year after year.

from the brewer:
"I graduated from my university's department of brewing and shortly after became the sixth generation brewer at Yosamusume. I strive to make sake that matches the times and conveys the charm of the region. I want to develop one or two kinds of new sake every year!
For those who have a chance to visit the brewery or hear from our brewers, I think it's also a great opportunity to learn about the town of Yosano. Feel free to drop by!

introducing the sake:
Junmai Daiginjo gohyaku mangoku
A slightly dry sake with a refreshing and crisp appearance, a specialty of Yosamusume. Enjoy the refreshing and fruity flavor.
2,200 yen (720 ml, tax not included)

Junmai Ginjo raw undiluted sake Midori no Kaze
Sake brewed using Yamada Nishiki rice in Yosano to make a quintessentially local sake. Characterized by a fresh scent characteristic of raw undiluted sake with a moderate sweetness.
2,200 yen (720 ml, tax not included)

Junmai Ginjo Tango Shichi Hime
With the motif of the seven legendary princesses from the Tango region, this sake is finished with a gentle ginjo aroma and a smooth texture. Popular as a souvenir from the Tango region.
2,000 yen (720 ml, tax excluded)