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Naturally produced sake produced by the yeast living in the sake brewery built in the Edo period.
Founded in 1842, Kinoshita Sake Brewery is kown for the local sake "Tamagawa". Immediately after taking his position with Kinoshita, master brewery Philip Harper, the industry's first foreign master brewer, started "raw sake" and "natural yeast sake" products. Branded as "naturally prepared sake", these products contributed to Kinoshita Sake Brewery's name recognition due to their unique taste. Currently, master brewer Harper is actively working on the long-term aging of sake. The brewing year is displayed in an easy-to-understand manner on the bottles so that you can enjoy the changes in taste over time. He's hoping to challenge the long-standing belief that younger sake is the most delicious. Also pay attention to other offerings in the Kinoshita line-up: "Ice Breaker" which is drunk on the rocks, and "Time Machine 1712" which is made using an Edo period recipe. Limited quantity of "Tamagawa Nakagumi", which is sold only at the brewery, is packed with "Nakagumi" that strikes an excellent balance between taste and aroma. If you find it, you shouldn't hesitate to buy it while its there.

from the brewer:
I am from England and came to Japan as an English teacher at the age of 22. Two years later, I jumped into the world of sake as a brewer, went through several breweries, and was appointed as master brewer of Kinoshita Sake Brewing Co. in 2007. Every day I focus on how to make delicious sake. When I came here and saw the Edo period brewery building, I decided to make sake using the natural yeasts that were here. The "naturally prepared sake" series has become a representative sake. Currently, we are working on long-term aging: 3 years, 5 years, and 10 years.

introducing the sake:
Tamagawa special Junmai sake
Using Hyaku Mangoku rice from Kyoto and Hyogo. The Tango Peninsula, where the brewery is located, is a treasure trove of seafood in addition to crabs. The taste of this sake pairs especially well with fresh and rich seafood. Recommended warm.
JPY 1,300 (720ml) JPY 2,600 (1800ml)

Tamagawa naturally prepared Junmai sake (natural yeast) Vintage
An original sake using natural yeast prepared with Hyogo Prefecture's Kitanishiki rice and aged at room temperature for over 3 years. A strong sake that retains its flavor even when heated to 70 ° C or higher.
1,550 yen (720ml) 3,100 yen (1800ml)

Tamagawa naturally prepared Junmai sake (natural yeast) Unfiltered raw sake
Tamagawa's signature “natural yeast” series. Using Tajima City's Kitanishiki rice and additive-free yeast. With just the right amount of sourness, drinking this will become a habit. Delicious any way you drink it.
1,350 yen (720ml) 2,700 yen (1800ml)